About Us

Multifixman’s Auto Repair shop comes from owner, Gerald Stockton’s, long history of passion and devotion to cars. He was always intrigued with the automotive industry and worked on his own and family’s cars. As his passion for cars grew, Gerald became a mechanic and then was promoted to a supervisor of a automotive repair shop. Soon enough, Gerald knew it was his calling to open up his own business, Multifixman’s Auto Repair.

For 10 years Multifixman’s Auto Repair shop has been serving Bakersfield California and surrounding areas. What keeps the shop thriving is the extreme passion and work ethic that all the associates share for the automotive industry. They combine their technical expertise with their unparalleled customer service to provide each and every customer with a outstanding experience. Whether it’s transmissions, engines, brakes, electrical, or general repairs, the seasoned professionals will be sure to help you with your automotive repair.

Our integrity

The mechanics at Multifixman’s Auto Repair understand that being able to trust your mechanic is a difficult task for people due to the amount of money involved. Gerald takes great pride in his company’s ability to provide an accurate and honest assessment of clients cars, offering them a very affordable and reasonable cost to fix them. The shop holds their reputation to the highest regard and can ensure the safety and reliability of your car in their hands.

Our passion

Gerald has always had such a strong passion for cars and thus finds his favorite part of the job gearing his passion to help those who need it. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and highly qualified automotive repair shop that provides superior customer service, look no further than Multifixman’s Auto Repair in Bakersfield, California. Please give us a call today to deliver on your repair needs!

Our testimonials

This guy is the BEST automechanic I've ever known. I have 4 brothers that are all mechanics, this guy is better. His prices are better than any mechanic or shop I've been to. Don't be fooled by the appearance of the place. He is the best.

Jazzy Piper

Very helpful! And very quick with great service and the prices were just right 👌🏼 Would recommend to anyone. Was able to fix my husband's BMW. Thank you once again!!

Wendy Guzman

Our alternator went out while driving down I-5 to LA We called the place. The mechanic immediately made time for us and replaced the alternator for a very fair price-much cheaper than anywhere else that I have had gone to. He even showed a trick to save time on the next repair. He literally saved our vacation. Thank You!

Devin Rapleye

Had an issue while on vacation in the area, where my truck started running rough and had lost power. I had done some quick checking and figured out I had a plug that wasn't firing. I called to verify they could see me, and give a brief description of my problem. They told me to come on out and they would take a look. They tracked down the issue and got it fixed quickly. Anytime you are in the area and have vehicle problems, call them.


Our Services

Multifixitman's Auto Repair is a full service preventive maintenance and auto repair shop. We have been performing high quality auto repairs in Bakersfield, and we have built a reputation for hard work, honesty, and great customer service. 

We offer:
✔ Engine light diagnostics
✔ Brake repair
✔ AC Repair
✔ Transmission repair
✔ Inspection
✔ Maintenance
...and more!

Contact us today to find out more!